About Us

About Us

You’ll have the owner's direct number
And we want your call.

What was your last tech support experience like?
Did they talk in jargon then hit with a huge bill?
Did they give you the service you really needed?
Did they leave you feeling like you’d be better off DIYing the problem?

We understand your needs

Iron Horse Computing has been in business for nearly three decades not just because we’re skilled technicians but because we understand small businesses. Your IT system be it one laptop or a network across multiple locations is the beating heart of your business. When it’s down you’re not working. You need to get back to work and you need to watch your expenses.

We’re invested in your success and we’ll do everything we can to get you back to work. From simple fixes to IT architecture engineering we can make sure that your tools deliver the productivity that you need. 

When you’re an Iron Horse client you’ll always have my cell phone number and I hope that you’ll use it. 

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Nicholas Blackman – CEO

With 35 years of service in the Computer Support Industry, I continue to ensure the systems of my clients are providing reliable and cost effective services to meet the needs of my clients.

I have received training from world leaders in the industry. Such as Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, IBM and others. I began my career supporting mainframe systems for major corporations, banks and state agencies.

The goal of our business is to provide a higher level of personalized support to small businesses without high cost.